The Collins Wedding

The Collins Wedding. I seriously can not tell you how beautiful this day was. I may be biased, but Gabby was a beautiful bride. This couple truly had a vision for the decor and vibe of the day. They wanted a boho chic vibe. Something that looked elegant but still had the pampas and dried elements they loved. 

I was also in this wedding, which was stressful at times, but I am so glad I was able to plan one of my best friends weddings and stand up next to her on her big day. Gabby, Evan, and I spent countless hours working together building and putting together each piece of decor to make their visions. 

The elegant white, tan and pink tones matched with the boho vibes, It was unmatched, it was beautiful. 

Let’s give credit where Credit is due! 


Wedding Planner, coordinator, florist, decor: Annie Jordan Wedding Co

Venue: Middle Fork Barn- Meadowview, Va 

Caterer: Bluejean Bakery 

Cake: Rachel Hutchinson 

Photos: Lauren Webb & Ariele Childress

Video: Madison Boggs Marsingill 

Hair & Makeup: Natalie Rife Williams & her team at Sisterly Chic

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Collins Gallery

Photos by: Lauren Webb @L.Marie.photographie (instagram) 
Ariele Childress @arielebrookphotogrpahy (instagram)